SUMIDARE - 墨乱 #1 -【Original Artwork】

SUMIDARE - 墨乱 #1 -【Original Artwork】


Title:SUMIDARE - 墨乱 #1 -


Size(mm)W  × H 

Technique and material:Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


 【Artwork Details】

When I draw a undulation of ink with a large brush,
I feel sense of mystery between ‘excitement’ and ‘silence’.

They are particular sensation as if I am meditating while jumping, or ordering while disarranging.
It only takes a few minutes to draw a piece and dry the ink. And I repeat dozens or hundreds of times until I am satisfied, chose a few of the favourite ones,
and then select a special one strongly exuded my truth.

It is an ultimate moment of bliss while I am covered by full of ink.

Controlling while disarranging 
Inks are filled with 
‘Hyakka Ryoran’ (profusion of flowers)
Lustrous ink disturbance -the world of SUMIDARE