Creating Beauty and Peace.

Shukou Tsuchiya
- The Tiger of BONNO -

This “Tiger of BONNO” is here for us to aware the black part of our mind.By being aware of and possessing our weak parts, these “Tiger of BONNO,” will appeal to us and guide us in the right direction.You don't have to throw away worldly desire completely to be happy. Depending on how we perceive things and how we use them, anyone can be happy.


What's Wasshoi-verse?

"Wasshoi-verse", the official community of NFT art "Worldly Desire", is a beacon that moves the hearts of people involved in the community and brings many smiles and peace."Wasshoi" is said to be a variation of "Wa shite seoe!!(和して背負ぇ!)," a phrase used when everyone joins their strength and hearts to carry the portable shrine on their backs, regardless of their position, interest, or feelings. It is a spirit of carrying peace with a spirit of harmony, beyond positions, interests, and emotions, by combining our strengths and hearts together."Wasshoi-verse" aims for a community where dreamers and hard workers encourage each other under the Wasshoi spirit of "Wa shite seoe!!(和して背負ぇ!)," and confront the harsh reality together, creating new creativity. Let's create love and hope!

Wasshoi-verse Project

Project Objectives

1 : We showcase the charm of Japan to the world through creative activities that utilize the beautiful cultural aesthetics that Japan takes pride in.

2 : A group of creative individuals with talent from Japan come together, collaborate, and generate new ideas and projects, forming a creative team that attracts attention worldwide.

3 : To inherit and develop Japan's cultural heritage and traditions to the next generation, and contribute to society by enhancing cultural values.

Why ?

It is said that in 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be further developed and avatars will have the same presence as the person modeled, making policy and management decisions as a result of 100 trillion calculations per second by computers.Our lives and environment will become more and more comfortable with the evolution of artificial intelligence and technology, and people will surely find happiness while living in such a new life.However, as we live as human beings, I think that we cannot separate technology from human emotions. No matter what era comes along, we human beings will face scenes where we are troubled and lost, and sometimes we may even grow weary of life.That is why humans have always been emotionally moved by "imperfections that try to be perfect".They stimulate our brains and pierce our hearts.That is what people call "creativity.”And true creativity is "to be moved by the heart" of those who see, are involved with, and are touched by it, and derived from that, "to know one's true self.Our mission is to transmit to the world as our life's work, creativity that changes with the times but still moves people's hearts, and to make it the foundation for a peaceful world. And to create many smiles.Additionally, Japan has beautiful cultural aesthetics such as charming folk crafts and other cultural treasures.The representative Zen philosophy of Japan includes the concept of "wabi" which refers to the spirit of accepting and enjoying rust and dirt, as well as the concept of "sabi" which refers to the unique and diverse beauty created by the aging process such as rust, dirt, and chipping.Other examples include,"Hashu Kyoko,” grasping and working together, to take each other's hands in a competitive society. "Chisoku," to know and be thankful for being content in the present. There are also Zen terms such as "meimei tarihyaku soto" which means that everyone is beautiful.Zen teaches us how wonderful our true selves are.Through ZEN we can love the "imperfect" parts of ourselves, while stimulating our sensitivity and emotions and enhancing our sense of beauty.This is an essential element of the "more original creativity" that will be needed in the future.Our team must refine our sensitivity and awareness through Japanese aesthetics, generate original and creative ideas, and spread to the world the beauty and originality of Japan's unique culture.

spread to the world the beauty and originality of Japan's unique culture.

Our Mission

1 : Creating Beauty and PeaceBy experiencing beautiful culture, people can reflect on themselves and feel the inner peace. This leads to making the world a beautiful and peaceful place. We aim to spread peace throughout the world by expanding the network of people with a common cultural preference and honing their sensitivity and intuition.

2 : Share the greatness of creativity.Creativity is also a key factor in business. In our project, we incorporate "artistic thinking" and "creative thinking" to promote creative activities and contribute to the development of economic activities.

We believe in making the world a more beautiful and peaceful place through art.We hope that everyone who is involved with us can resonate with our philosophy.

Artists who paint our NFT art

The artists creating NFT art for Wasshoi-verse are collaborating with special artists who match our project story. As mentioned before, Wasshoi-verse is also a project of love and peace. Our NFTs are imbued with love, hope, and prayers.
Love is always with you!

Artist introduction for
"The Tiger of BONNO"

He is a sumi-e painter, a master of the Nanboku Sumi-e Art Society. He began practicing sumi-e at the age of 18, and became a master in an unprecedented two years. He is highly regarded for his classical techniques, but also receives immense support for his unique style of using modern materials such as markers and fluorescent acrylics in conjunction with classical techniques. His works have been used in collaborations with renowned high-end brands such as DIOR, FENDI, Ferrari, Audi, and Dom Pérignon, as well as in music videos of artists active in Japan's music scene.Shukou Tsuchiya's artwork have been donated and dedicated to numerous shrines, temples, and foreign royal families.Since 2020, when the world was engulfed by the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and human beings felt helpless, the theme of his work of gods and beasts has become a synonym for Shukou's artwork and his lifework.

Message from Shukou Tsuchiya

One day, after stubbornly adhering only to traditional techniques and taking on no new challenges, and drawing only the classics using only black ink, my head was about to explode.And then, as I unconsciously and selflessly splashed colors and scrawled English letters all over my classical artwork, smashing through all sorts of restrictions and limitations at once, the world seemed to expand and a wave of emotion and excitement erupted in my brain.Even though time has passed and times have changed, the waves of intense excitement and endorphins that welled up in my brain at that time have not faded, have not decayed, have not bored me, and still exist vividly in the center of my memory and serve as food for my production.Just as the ukiyo-e prints that many artists worked on in the past were novel and pop art at the time, it is quite natural to be excited by the new, once-in-200-year technology of the metaverse and to try to fuse the classical with the digital. So, it is only natural for artists living today to use technology to express their work.To be honest, if you ask me if I fully understand the world of NFT, I can't say yes. However, I have always cherished the good old things while actively adopting new technologies while the world was still unfamiliar with them.Because I am such a person, I tried to find various interesting things that could only be done in the NFT world. Then, something popped up in my brain.What I’m creating now is a new world where you can view my artwork, especially the tigers and sacred beasts I have painted, just like the sliding screen paintings of shrines and temples, in the world of the metaverse.Of course, since it is neither a shrine nor a temple, there is no so-called "religion" in it. However, I have actually dedicated my works to shrines, temples, and foreign royalty in the real world. I understand the spirituality, the tense atmosphere, and the prayers and thoughts of the people.I have always believed that art is love and prayer.Prayer as a human being without any religious affiliation.I thought it would be good to have NFT, which is like an amulet to put such prayers.The NFT created by Shukou Tsuchiya is the only one in the world. Wasshoi-verse “Worldly Desire" NFT series is a chance for you to face your inner universe.This is not a religious artwork, but I borrowed the inspiration from Buddhism to create a work of 108 worldly desires. Please own one of the 108 and release your own desire.Of course, nothing beats the hyper energy of an original artwork. I usually burn my life into actual paper. I love to toast, drink and talk with people, neither graphic nor virtual.But I think it would be interesting to quickly and affirmatively adopt this newly born NFT worldview and give it a try. The techniques from the past that I've been spinning will find a place in the latest world of metaverse is thrillingI am going to play around with it.