Suiboku-ga (ink painting) / Master of the North-South Ink Painting Association.
Shukou started ink painting at the age of 18 and became a master at the unusually early of 2 years.


In addition to Shukou's highly acclaimed classical techniques, Shukou's unique style of painting with markers, fluorescent acrylics, and other modern painting materials in combination with classical techniques has gained Shukou's a great deal of support.


Shukou's unconventional and unique style, which transcends the boundaries of traditional ink painting, has caught the attention of many people and led to a wide range of artist activities, including collaborations with numerous luxury fashion brands and live performances at VIP parties for world-class brands.



Solo Exhibition "Tanoshimi" at Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

(2021) Exhibition "Waiting for the Happening of the Happiness" at Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Tsuchiya Akitsune Solo Exhibition 2021, Goshinju-ga Exhibition at SEN Studio, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Akitsune Tsuchiya Exhibition 2021, Fluorescent ink and animal paintings at Fireking cafe.

Akitsune Tsuchiya solo exhibition, 2021 at Art Space Yohkaan, Tokyo

Akitsune Tsuchiya exhibition 2021, Amamori Gods Painting Exhibition at Bifuku Roujiya.



Indian Institute of Science, Xian Shou Kai Li, Phoenix Painting

Lecture at The Indian Institute of Science

Lecture at The Indian Institute of Science, the "University of Tokyo" in India.

Yoyogi Uehara Solo Exhibition "SUMIDARE" at Fireking cafe.

Shukugawa Solo exhibition "Daichi Kogane" at Gallery SHIMA.

Osaka Solo Exhibition "Tsuchiya Akitsune Exhibition" at Gallery NEXT, Osaka Takashimaya, Osaka. 



Los Angeles Solo Exhibition Surf-ink at Speedy Gallery

National Suiboku Kenkyukai Joint Exhibition, Grand Prize of No-Judgment



Aoyama Solo Exhibition La Mer (SCÈNE)

Hiroo, solo exhibition RED (Speedy Gallery)

Writing at Fukaya Yakushi Rurikouji Temple

Omotesando CURIOSITY CANVAS COLLECTION, painting and exhibition



Ginza Solo exhibition "Sumiyohana" at S-des GALLERY

Yoyogi Uehara Solo Exhibition "Bokuyouka" at Fireking cafe

Bhutan, Royal Family, White Dragon, donated by the artist

Nagano Mizuno Museum of Art, Nagano, Japan Painting

Shoin Shrine, Japan Paintings and dedication of the painting "Tiger under the Pines

Ferrari official promotion

FENDI ROMA official promotion


Ginza, Tokyo Solo Exhibition "The Universe through Pinhole" (S-des GALLERY)

Yoyogi Uehara, solo exhibition SUMI-BOTANICA (Fireking cafe)

PV J Soul Brothers 3rd Generation PV drawing provision

LEXUS official promotion

NHK Sunday Art Museum, Maruyama Okyo special program, commentary



Ginza Solo Exhibition Priverb of the World (S-des GALLERY)

Yoyogi Uehara, solo exhibition Kasumidake (Fireking cafe)

Asahi Super Dry Premium CM, ink painting

Lecture and exhibition at the University of Salamanca

Lecture at ABC Museum, Madrid

Lecture at Maison de la culture du Japon, Paris


Ginza, Tokyo Solo Exhibition "Sugar Fish" (S-des GALLERY)

Harajuku, Japan Solo Exhibition, JUBILATION (ULTRA SUPER NEW GALLERY)

Invitation to the 400th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Exchange

Invited to participate in Healing IBIZA, Ibiza

SLOWTRACK Gallery, Madrid, Spain

H&M official promotion (TENKI)

NHK Sunday Art Museum, Tawaraya Sotatsu special program, commentary



Ginza Solo Exhibition Life Under the Wing (S-des GALLERY)


adidas official promotion "ILMARI X Akitsune Tsuchiya

Dom Pérignon official promotion ( TENKI )

Dedication of Ryujinzu at Higashi Kirishima Shrine


Solo exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza Solo Exhibition "Tsukirenryaku ○Kacho Fugetsu" at Wada Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Yoyogi Uehara Solo Exhibition "Reflection Through Contrast" at Fireking cafe.

New York Solo Exhibition "PENDULUM" at Kips Gallery.

Exhibited at Geikyo Taipei, Taiwan (TENKI)



Exhibited at International Artists at Home and Abroad, New York

Exhibited at Salon "Carrousel du Louvre" organized by the French National Institute of Fine Arts, Paris

The Rolling Stones® official collaboration T-shirt release

Dedicated a copy of Nagasawa Rousetsu's Tiger at Muryuji Temple, Wakayama, Japan

NHK Nagasawa Rousetsu special program, commentary


Setagaya iiD Solo Exhibition, Tsuchiya Akitsune's Site (S-des GALLERY)

CHIVAS REGAL Official Promotion



Exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo (S-des GALLERY)

Solo exhibition "Fluorescent Animals" at Wada Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo.

Grand Prize, National Suiboku Kenkyukai Joint Exhibition


Audi Official Promotion



Invitation to Florence Biennale, Italy

Official promotion by Christian Dior

Second Prize, National Suiboku Kenkyukai Joint Exhibition


PV Namie Amuro Mermaid, all drawings



Collaboration unit TENKI formed


Invited to Florence Biennale, Italy

Invited to participate in Florence Biennale, Italy


Solo exhibition in New York

Solo exhibition "A Fraction of a Moment" in New York


Awarded the Jury Prize at the All Suiboku-ga Public Participation Exhibition


Awarded the Medal of Honor at the Japan Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition


Studied Buddhist statue sculpture under Buddhist sculptor Sakuraka Mitokawa



Entered the Master's Course of the Nanboku Sumiga-kai (Society of Ink Painting)

Selected for prizes in the Sankei Shimbun's Calligraphy Art Exhibition, International Cultural Festival, and other public exhibitions.

Studied contemporary art under Yutaka Matsuda


Studied ink painting under Namboku Saito and Nanyo Terayama