Special order artwork Tiger in Full Moon【Original Artwork】

Special order artwork Tiger in Full Moon【Original Artwork】


Title:Special order artwork Tiger in Full Moon


Size(mm)W  × H 

Technique and material:Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


 【Artwork Details】

Tiger in myself 

Awaken the tiger in my heart 
and draw a tiger
When the tiger inside me wakes up
you will be able to feel the 
tiger's skeleton and 
direction of the hair tips.

A tiger's facial expression changes 
with a single wrinkle on its face
and its body balance changes 
with a single claw orientation

By becoming a tiger yourself
its existence will become 
more animated

The tiger's spirit is my own spirit
and how much spirit I can put 
in one stroke of the brush 
is the tiger's ambition

I draw a tiger with my tongue out 
and my face crumpled
but sometimes my heart loses 
to the tiger
If I lose, the tiger will not 
be completed

You can challenge a tiger 
with all the power you have now
and only when you become a tiger
you complete it

When I put everything in to it
I had to be in a state of 
absentmindedness for a while
Later, while looking at the tiger I drew
"I am impressed with myself 
who was able to draw beautiful
tiger like this." 
I feel like someone finished 
this beautiful artwork

This tiger is about myself 
in the future
Every time I drew a tiger
I thought that I made the best work 
in the history of Shukou Tsuchiya

Among them
this tiger is a best of best