Rabbit of Creativity【Original Artwork】

Rabbit of Creativity【Original Artwork】


Title:Rabbit of Creativity


Size(mm)W × H 

Technique and material:Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’, Mixed media


 【Artwork Details】

For me, this year marks 30 years of being ink painter and I have tried many different challenges.

such as mixing classical and contemporary techniques, exploring new techniques using tools other than a brush.

However, no matter how avant-garde my paintings have become, I have always maintained the "composition of an ink painting.

That is why I have been calling myself as an ink painter for 30 years.
As a result, Suiboku-ga is still and always fresh for me.

Even I, still cannot free myself from the anxiety during the process of creation. However, I have come to enjoy the thrill of it.

I am still on the journey of ink painting which is shining and sparkling.
In my brain, a rabbit of creativity is happily hopping around.

One step ahead of you, I drew a rabbit, next year's zodiac sign.
I wish I could meet you all in person and greet you as I have been able to continue as a ink painter for 30 years.

Please come to the exhibition.
Let's jump high next year.