- KOSHOU KAIREI -  虎嘯会麗【Original Artwork】

- KOSHOU KAIREI - 虎嘯会麗【Original Artwork】


Title:- KOSHOU KAIREI - 虎嘯会麗


Size(mm)W  × H 

Technique and material:Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


 【Artwork Details】

Tigers have long been called "spirit animals" and considered special. Tigers, which do not form groups like lions, but act alone, hide themselves in the bushes and appear in front of people only on rare occasions. The sharpness of their eyes and their unique stripes give them a special aura that clearly distinguishes them from other large carnivores, and they have long been associated with humankind as beasts of the gods.

To paint such a special being, a divine beast, is a special thing for a painter. I myself remember that when I was young, I could not draw a tiger well enough. This may have been because I still had anger and resentment vividly present within me. Now that time has passed and my emotions and brushstrokes have become calm and stable, I am finally able to express the tiger's supremacy.

The tigers I have painted with spirit, with the high spirits of the tiger in my brush while remaining calm, evoking the tiger's raging spirit.