SUMI-BOTANICA - #2 -【Original Artwork】

SUMI-BOTANICA - #2 -【Original Artwork】


Title:SUMI-BOTANICA - #2 -


Size(mm)W   × H 

Technique and material:Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


 【Artwork Details】

Very rarely
a person who sees my artwork 
that is simply drawn with lines 
tells me that 
"this kind of drawing would be 
possible for me to draw"
It's weird to say that
but I don't feel bad at all

When I draw them I omit everything 
except the necessary lines 
and stick to "brush stroke reduction"
It requires exactly the same energy 
as a work that has been drawn in detail
It looks easy at first glance
but it's not
If you follow the draft line carefully
you can't get the action of the brush

I depicted the structure of the plant energy 
with minimum necessary lines
the minimum necessary shades
the action of a one-stroke brush

one-stroke with strong will