FRAGMENTS OF MEMORY 【Original Artwork】

FRAGMENTS OF MEMORY 【Original Artwork】




Size(mm)W 220 × H 440

Technique and material:Sumi ink Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’, print, silkscreen


 【Artwork Details】

Fragments of Memory
Kioku no Kakera

Sunsho-an is a small piece of colored paper about 12 cm in size, on which people have been writing poems and drawings for about 1,000 years since the Heian period (794-1185).
The neat rows of almost square paper stencils are like digital pixels. The pictures, which have different characteristics from each other, are connected as if they were one work of art.
For this exhibition, he juxtaposed a painting he did 30 years ago with a painting he did just now, in color and black and white, figurative and abstract, classic and avant-garde.
It is a mixture of past and future, preservation and destruction.
Simply carrying on the tradition in a foolish way is not enough to complement its energy.

In order to inherit the essence, it is necessary to update and reconstruct it each time.