Fluorescent color X ink - gorilla -【Original Artwork】

Fluorescent color X ink - gorilla -【Original Artwork】


Title:Fluorescent color X ink - gorilla -


Size(mm)W  × H 

Technique and material:Fluorescent color X Sumi ink on Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


 【Artwork Details】

The bleeding of ink
calmly flowing on Japanese paper and the fluorescent color
that shines violently and asserts itself

They are the opposites
and seem to be in conflict
but coexisting at same time

Ink as a symbol
of tradition and classics
Fluorescent color as a symbol
of evolution and modernity
The overlapping of these two
symbolizes modern Japan

Newly created things and old things
are mixed up
and creating a new city and culture
A new Japan is born by mixing

people are required to be changed
due to various difficult situations


I should say it is positive access
to the next phase

It's an opportunity
to create something new

When we faced with difficulties
we should go back to the basics
and jump farther

If you have conviction to be changed
the choice is always right